This is the place to discover or rediscover bands from the 70s that only made one or two albums, and then disbanded.


I upload a new playlist every Sunday!


If you want to make a request, or

have some questions about the bands that I play, or just want to drop me a line. Then do it here!




This is my new site and it's still

under construction.


You get to my station here!


Weired to think that next month I've been on the air for 4 years!
Wow! Who would have thought that back then? Not me!

So what do I have for you all this week?

You'll get bands like: Dirty Tricks,

Axis, Jericho, Tiger, Streatch, Stray,

Bulbous Creation, Alkana, Budgie,

Stonehouse and many more!

7hrs of hard rock from 90 bands. Enjoy!



And if there's anybody in Sweden who

have a job for me, do send me a mail!




You can also find me on YouTube now!





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